Amfiklia, Parnassos, Greece
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ZAGGOS APARTMENTS - Amfiklia, Parnassos, Greece

Central Greece is a very diverse and naturally beautiful part of the country. It is a place where nature thrives, and where you can enjoy a truly authentic and unique Greek holiday experience.

Accommodation Amfiklia Greece Parnassos Zaggos Apartments Amfikleia The region of Parnassos is one that offers a wonderful selection of beautiful towns, villages and places of interest.

Home to the ancient site of Delphi, the famous ski centre of Parnassos, and areas such as Arachova, Thiva and Amfiklia, the region is an ideal destination for your holidays and travel throughout the year.

Amfiklia is a very charming and hospitable village, and one that changes throughout the seasons of the year. There are many interesting places to visit such as the folklore museum and the old hamlet of Plai.

Here you can enjoy the stunning setting with many old mansions, water fountains, and the old cobblestone paths, along which you can enjoy a lovely walk. Also worth visiting is the old medieval castle and the traditional stone bridge.

It is in the charming village of Amfiklia that you will find "Zaggos Apartments", where we offer a wonderful selection of comfortable and quality accommodation for your stay here in Parnassos.

Our apartments are all beautiful decorated and furnished, and are housed in our charming complex that has been designed in the style of the traditional architecture of Parnassos. The apartments are all with 4 Key Category.

The complex consists of 8 apartments in total, either triple or quadruple. Each apartment is furnished and have either one or two private balconies, where you can enjoy some wonderful views stretching out towards the mountains.

Each of our apartments have their own unique style and each has been carefully created to provide our guests with a tranquil, luxury and very relaxing setting in which to enjoy their time spent here in this truly magical part of Greece.

"Zaggos Apartments" operate throughout the year, so whenever you are planning on visiting the Parnassos region of Greece, you can be confident that we will be here, waiting to offer you a very warm and hospitable welcome. If you would like any further information about our apartments and facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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